Get Powerful Islamic Wazifa To Stop Divorce

Get Islamic Wazifa To Stop Divorce

powerful wazifa to stop divorce

No husband and wife want to give each other divorce. But sometimes due to certain misunderstandings situation between husband and wife becomes so tensed that they are left with no other option then to give divorce to each other. But husband and wife should not give each other divorce in a hurry. They should think twice before giving divorce to each other. Because divorce is a very big decision so before taking such a important decision husband and wife should think very deeply about this. If husband and wife want to stop their divorce they can also perform powerful wazifa to stop divorce.

Similarly some husband wants to give divorce to their wives but they are not able to do so because of various reasons. So for this they can take the help of wazifa for divorce. This wazifa should be performed on Thursday night.

And before performing this wazifa for divorce proper knowledge should be taken from Islamic Books. Allah SWT hates divorce. In Islam divorce is only allowed when husband and wife after giving each other ample chances still think that they cannot continue their relationship then they should go for divorce.

Get Best Wazifa For Divorce

wazifa for divorce

Sometimes husband starts having an affair with some other woman. These affairs become so severe that husbands want to give divorce to their wives so that they can marry that other woman. But no wife can tolerate this that their husband will leave her and marry some other woman. So in order to stop their husband from giving divorce wife can perform wazifa to stop divorce.

This is one of the best wazifa for stopping divorce. So wife should perform this wazifa to stop divorce with full attention. Powerful wazifa to stop divorce should perform like this- First of all the person performing this wazifa should wear neat and clean clothes. After that read First Kalma for 25 times. After that read this dua for stopping divorce-“Jazak Allah”. Read this dua for 256 times. After that read Surah Fatiha for 25 times. After that if wife wants to stop divorce then she should take the name of her husband 156 times. Similarly if husband wants to stop divorce then he should take the name of his wife 156 times. After that read Iyatal Kursi for 24 times. Then make a prayer to Allah SWT. Insha Allah your divorce will be stopped. Perform this wazifa for 17 days.

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